About J Alley Studios

Photos by Jason Lindberg

I'm an artist who wears many hats.  Literally and figuratively.  As a director I try to bring a bit of creative sensibility along with a smidgen of production skills to film and video projects large and small, branded or documentary.

I love to tell a stories.  Even in not-so great moments.  On the desperate and freezing tsunami torn streets of Sendai, Japan or working with a large commercial team to establish the perfect running shots for Fortune 50 auto company in Los Angeles.  Or in a busy downtown New Jersey emergency room - the fourth busiest in the nation.  Stirring emotions all while having an eye on budget and post production and the final product - whatever it may be.   

As a still photographer, I've been fortunate to work on location and in studios around the world, working with talented and wonderful people to capture still frames to promote a tv show, in a celebrity portrait session, a rad branded lifestyle shot, or a moving wanna-make-you-cry landscape.   

Based on my travels around the globe, I'm utterly excited to soon exhibit and share a fine art project that has been over three years in the making - seeing the chaotic world around us like it hasn't been seen before.  Shameless plug, perhaps, but sign up for the mailing list and you'll be happy you did when you see this project.  

But, regardless of my geographics, and more often than not, I'm humbled by humanity - whether producing for a non-profit charity in Nicaragua, working with welder to build camera rig in the Amazon or filming amongst heroes in the US Special Forces.

Our productions, crew and team as well as still photography are happily working on both coasts - in Washington DC and Los Angeles. 

I, like my father and many people before me, am a proud United States Air Force veteran.df